Pocket is a private company that develops well-designed affordable homes for London’s city makers. City makers are those on average incomes who work hard to make London a leading world city but are currently cut out of the housing market. They earn too much for social housing but not enough to access the private market and need an innovative housing typology to provide them a long term affordable home. Pocket is able to deliver their unique housing solution by thinking differently.

Pocket schemes are made up almost exclusively of compact one bedroom homes that are sold to local people at discounts of at least 20% to the open market and retain their discount in perpetuity. Pocket have been able to deliver this promise through finding creative solutions to design, construction, customer management, finance and planning. This approach has attracted support from the GLA in the form of a £26.4m 10 year loan for land purchases and a 50% strategic investment from Related Companies, one of America’s largest owners and developers of affordable housing.

Macdonald & Company understands that finding talent for an innovator requires something special, so we have partnered together to deliver this bespoke portal to finding a career at Pocket.


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