Pocket Living is a private developer creating well-designed homes for local people, London’s city makers. City makers are those on average incomes who work hard to make London a leading world city. Many of them struggle to find and afford well-designed homes in their local area.

  • Compact Pocket homes are sold outright at a discount of at least 20% to the surrounding market rate. They’re only for first time buyers who live or work locally. 
  • A small number of Pocket Edition homes, perfectly designed for city living, are also available without restriction to anyone from across London.

Pocket Living has established pioneering working relationships with two key partners, from both the public and private sectors:

  • The GLA has supported Pocket Living since 2013 with an interest-free loan of £26.4m, which is recycled over a 10 year period to continue developing more compact, affordable Pocket homes. 
  • Related is a pioneering real estate company based in New York, with a 50% strategic investment in Pocket Living.  
  • Related has a background in affordable housing, and has delivered a wide range of developments across the US

Pocket Living has pioneered several new ideas in the London housing market. The compact Pocket one bedroom home is a unique form of intermediate housing, and a two bedroom compact home is now in development as well. Pocket Living has also introduced modular construction to several recent developments, and has recently launched Pocket Edition, its open market brand. Pocket Living has a track record in finding creative solutions to design, construction, customer management, finance and planning, and as a business, is open to trialling new ideas, with a strong brand to support its innovations.

Macdonald & Company understands that finding talent for an innovator requires something special, so we have partnered together to deliver this bespoke portal to finding a career at Pocket Living.