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Accelerating Careers in Real Estate

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In his podcast series, as Partnership Director at Macdonald & Company, Nick Carman explores a theory he has built after 15 years in recruiting in real estate, interviewing more than 1000 industry professionals;

We all, when we enter our chosen career, accelerate. We learn and develop quickly. However, the period of acceleration eventually slows and we reach a time of consolidation. 

What if, during this 'stagnant' stage, we could unlock something that would allow us to regain the same pace of acceleration we first experienced and continue to grow?

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Accelerating Careers in Real Estate is in partnership with the Urban Land Institute.

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Accelerating Careers in Real Estate

All episodes in the series

    • In this podcast, Nick Carman, Partnership Director at Macdonald and Company explores a theory he has built after 15 years in recruiting in real estate - interviewing more than 1000 industry professionals. We ALL, when we enter our chosen career, accelerate; we learn and develop quickly…Listen to the Series Trailer
    • After six months since being aired, The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has announced joining Macdonald & Company’s Accelerating Careers in Real Estate podcast series as a new partner. Find out about the ULI from Lisette van Doorn, CEO of ULI Europe... Listen to Bonus Episode
    • In this episode with Marc Vlessing, we listen to how he has started careers in three separate sectors. I believe Marc could have been successful in whatever industry he choose, but for the past 16 years his chosen career has been as CEO for Pocket Living in the starter home market...Listen to Episode One
    • This evening I am joined by Roger Madelin CBE, Head of British Land’s Canada Water masterplan and former CEO of Argent and the chief visionary for Kings Cross. Roger and I discussed his earliest career from contractor to developer, the struggles he faced with a scheme like Kings Cross, what drives him and motivates him...Listen to Episode Two
    • In this episode I sit down with Morwenna Hall to hear her meteoric rise from mechanical engineer to COO of Argent. We cover her project highlights from running the hugely coveted Coal Drops Yard. We talk about pushing yourself, risks of taking too much on, imposter syndrome and when to seize career opportunities...Listen to Episode Three
    • In this episode I sit down with Brian De’ath to hear of his career from estate agent to one of the most recognisable names in residential sales in London. His role at Canary Wharf means he is in control of 4,700 residential pipeline for the goliath of London property Canary Group, but joined them at a time when they had never delivered a single home...Listen to Episode Four
    • In this episode I sit down with Jon Beswick, Founder of Adventure in Architecture. Jon right from the gun set out on a unique career path and didn’t subscribe to what many others consider to be our measures of success...Listen to Episode Five
    • In this episode I am joined By Charlie Walsh, Director of Sales for Lodha Group, international development company responsible for One Grosvenor Square one of the world's finest residential super prime projects....Listen to Episode Six
    • In this episode I sit down with Neil Young, he is credited with pioneering the Build to Rent sector in the UK, he established a £2bn residential REIT and did it as a property inductee part way through his career as an accountant...Listen to Episode Seven
    • In this interview I sit down with James Pellatt, Director of Workplace and Innovation for Great Portland Estates. In the interview James and I discuss his career in developing several of London's best known office developments, his ambition in his earlier career to move closer to the ultimate decision makers ...Listen to Episode Eight
    • In this episode Gary led me on a journey of his career, passions and motivations. We talked for nearly 3 hours and I'm only sorry we couldn't get more into this episode...Listen to Episode Nine
    • Will began a career in politics before pivoting to real estate. He built a blistering 15 year career with Grosvenor in the UK and Paris ending his journey as the Executive Director for the London Portfolio with £5bn AUM...Listen to Episode Ten
    • Caroline Harper is the Chief Planning Director for Be First, Barking and Dagenham’s urban regeneration company. Caroline tells a great story of life in academia, commercial planning consultancy...Listen to Episode Eleven
    • In this episode I sit down with Jan Trbizan, Design and Technical Director for the luxury development company Northacre. Jan is a Slovene architect who joined the London architectural scene in 2010 ...Listen to Episode Twelve
    • In this episode I sit down with Matt Townend, Chief Operating Officer, EcoWorld London. Matt has led a career with some of the biggest names and largest developments in London under his belt including Berkeley, Riverlight and BPSDC, Battersea Power Station ...Listen to Episode Thirteen
    • I get a chance to sit down with Amelia Bright, Executive Director of the London Estate for Grosvenor UK&I. Responsible for £5bn worth of assets in Mayfair and Belgravia, Amelia's career ...Listen to Episode Fourteen
    • Mark’s career began as a civil engineer, project manager, development manager and now company owner. He is an excellent example of that accelerating model, someone who is looking for new opportunities to learn and understand the wider implications of his role and impact. Listen to Episode Fifteen
    • Samantha has built a career with DTZ, HCA, Crest Nicholson and now Places for People. Sammie describes her career working in residential development through commercial consultancy, public sector, plc housebuilder and now in the affordable housing sector. Listen to Episode Sixteen
    • I sit down with Warwick Hunter, Managing Director for Asset and Development Management for Henley Investments. Warwick shares a fascinating story. A story that includes highlights working for several of the most revered employers beginning as a graduate intake with Drivers Jonas, CO-RE, Great Portland Estates, Qatari Diar and now Henley Investments. Listen to Episode Seventeen
    • Varoon shares a story that travels from India, London, New York and Singapore. A career which has began in one sector and morphed into another by seizing an opportunity. Finally his entrepreneurial spark led to a whole new chapter. Listen to Episode Eighteen
    • Our first U.S. guest, Nelson, talks us through his career to-date where he leads Endeavor's Multifamily programme; worth more than $2bn. Nelson shares a story of being born into a real estate family - yet someone who has carved out his own path. A path that has stemmed from an analytical background to entrepreneurial risk-taking, and leaving behind the safety of big names. Listen to Episode Nineteen
    • Hired originally as Acquisition Director for the commercial developer who only landed in London 4 years ago, Steven was quickly promoted to CEO for the UK at the age of 34. Steven is very honest and humble and not at all sure what all the fuss is about... Listen to Episode Twenty
    • As Co-Founder of Cain International, Jonathan discusses his earlier career in law. Yet despite his success in the legal profession, he joins Gerald Ronson in his real estate development business, Heron, as deputy CEO.... Listen to Episode Twenty One
    • Lee has been continually challenging himself to develop throughout his career from chartered engineer, consultant project manager and now development manager for the world's fifth-largest Real Estate investor... Listen to Episode Twenty Two
    • We were excited to sit down with Mark Castle, just as the news were buzzing about him stepping down from Mace Construction as their COO. He and Gareth Lewis built the construction business to a £1.7bn turnover enterprise from just £100m when Mark started... Listen to Episode Twenty Three
    • Tom Gaffney, having spent 18 years working across Asia in Commercial Real Estate, speaks about the need to stay humble and absorb cultures and influences... Listen to Episode Twenty Four
    • In a 25th episode milestone, the host of our 'Accelerating Careers in Real Estate' podcast series, Nick Carman, looks back at all our guests to establish a theme in their success. Listen to Episode Twenty Five
    • Galyna is Ukrainian-born, who started her career in international law, transitioning to finance to be a hedge fund manager for the largest Dutch pension fund before making her move to real estate establishing the offices of Greystar in Holland and on to Patricia to establish their local development team. Listen to Episode Twenty Six
    • Nick shares his story including the influence his parents had on his career choices, transition to property and working for two disruptors in the London residential market. Listen to Episode Twenty Seven
    • Hala is a Director at PLP Architecture and Founding Director of PLP Labs. With over twelve years’ experience, Hala directs teams on commercial, life-science, residential, retail and mixed-use projects across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Listen to Episode Twenty Eight
    • I sit down with Will Chambers, Acquisitions Director for Perseus Land, a regional developer for the care and later living sector. Will is part of our series of next-generation leaders sharing what building blocks have they put into place so far and what challenges are they facing for their next chapters of growth. Listen to Episode Twenty Nine

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