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UK Property salaries and bonuses at highest levels since 2009

Posting date: 9 March 2018
Author: John JB Russell

Although sentiment in the UK Property industry is at its lowest level for three years with only 28% of property professionals believing that activity will increase in their sector in the next twelve months, employers have been paying more to retain and hire the best talent across the UK.

The RICS and Macdonald & Company UK Rewards & Attitudes Survey 2018 Report found:

  • Average salaries reached £58,633 a 12% increase on 2017 (£52,362)
  • Average bonuses reached £15,703
  • Average total remuneration reached £85,767

Although these increases can be partially attributed to the growth in the seniority and % of Greater London based respondents the whole of the UK has felt the benefit but most notably:

  • Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland secured the highest growth in average salary at 19% (£51,613)
  • Average salaries in the South East grew 13.9% (£60,269)
  • Greater London average salaries reached £68,918 (up 12.7%)

Besides statistics on current salaries, recent salary increases, bonuses and employment package benefits, the results give an insight into wider issues that important to professionals in their role and their attitudes toward employment.

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UK Property salaries and bonuses at highest levels since 2009

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