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Where To Find The Best Real Estate Asset Management Jobs

Posting date: 19 November 2018
Howard White our consultant managing the role

Find Your Perfect Real Estate Asset Management Job

Real estate asset management jobs are a growing sector of the job market. Your skills and experience are in demand from many quarters, and those with a history of adding value to real estate portfolios command exceptional salaries and packages. Asset managers are crying out for talent who can help them hit their targets.  

Whatever your progress in real estate asset management to date, if you are considering the next step in your career this article will help you pinpoint your next employer and help to find the best real estate asset management positions. Who is hiring for asset management jobs in real estate? 

The list of potential employers of real estate asset managers is deep and varied, meaning you can choose the type of company whose values and specialisation align with your own. We’re witnessing growth in demand across most sectors, in most geographies, and at all levels. Here are the major sectors hiring real estate asset managers: 

Real Estate Management Companies 

Companies that offer asset management services to institutional and other owners, charging a fee for management services. These employers may work with local communities, offering a wide range of services and housing options to a diverse range of tenants. Property developers In both commercial and residential markets, job opportunities with developers are increasing. Particularly as the market evolves in the private rented sector, property developers are increasingly choosing to manage their real estate developments. Asset managers are playing an increasingly important and pivotal role in the property development and management life-cycle. 

Commercial Companies 

Commercial companies, banks and retailers own varied property portfolios which need managing. These opportunities may include managing day-to-day operations, marketing and leasing. Skills in compliance, budgeting and marketing are usually most highly regarded. 

Investment Companies 

With large real estate portfolios, investment companies need asset managers to provide market analysis, financial management, portfolio modelling, and money management skills. Real estate asset managers hired by investment companies are likely to be multi-functional and are expected to liaise across many functionalities. 

Non-Profit Organisations 

Charities and other non-profit organisations often operate low-cost and affordable housing in competitive markets. For asset managers who have a special interest in social services, community spirit and property management, this sector will be appealing. Other bodies that prove good hunting grounds for asset management jobs include insurance companies, government and local authorities, and public bodies. How do you find the best real estate asset management jobs? Finding your next career move in real estate asset management can be tough, especially if you have been with your current employer for some time. 


Loyalty is a sought-after quality, and can lead to career stagnation and a tight network of contacts. Searching through the job listings of the organisations within your favoured sectors is a long, laborious task. Many of these organisations won’t advertise directly, either, preferring to employ the expertise of recruitment agencies and job search professionals. So, how can you improve your chances of finding your perfect position? Put your social media in order. Social media is a productive source of information for employers as a means to qualify applicants as well as disqualify them. When hunting for real estate investment jobs, there are two ways in which social media is important to you: 

1. Being visible to employers 
2. Learning where appropriate job opportunities are

Your Facebook account can tell an employer a lot about your personality, but it is your LinkedIn account that really counts for your professional ambitions. Tactics for job search success on LinkedIn include: 

  • Keeping your profile updated
  • Updating your headline with more information than just your Job Title
  • Including all your skills
  • Being clear about your career objectives
  • Researching the companies that interest you
  • Connecting with specialist recruiters 

You can read more about positioning on social media in this “Tips for planning engineers to use LinkedIn to find their next job”.  

Register with a Specialist Recruiter

There are many benefits of registering with a specialist recruitment consultancy. These include: 

The in-depth knowledge of the sector in which you are searching for your next opportunity. They know which employers are active, what their plans are, and understand how your expectations and their needs marry. 

Your recruitment specialist will work proactively on your options, helping you to get in front of employers with interesting projects faster. Because specialist recruiters work with employers constantly, they are often the first to hear about new opportunities that are not yet advertised. 

Follow Up Applications

Be accountable and proactive to move your application to the next stage. Take responsibility for driving your application to the next stage. Receiving genuine feedback from interviews and providing help through the process of being hired – from constructing a killer resumé to negotiating your remuneration package. All these benefits are free to you. Specialist recruiters are paid by the client that employs you which is why they're looking for a great fit for the employer they're working for and for you to thrive. 

To benefit from a confidential discussion about real estate asset management opportunities or to shape your future, contact Macdonald & Company today, connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter for industry news and fresh opportunities.  

Where To Find The Best Real Estate Asset Management Jobs

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