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Hire The Best Marketing Managers by Marketing Your Company

Posting date: 29 April 2019
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Strategies to Stand Out When Hiring is Tough 

To hire the best Marketing Manager, you must market your company to potential candidates. It’s a tight market, and the competition for talented people makes hiring even tougher.

The best people for your Marketing Manager jobs are those who will fit into the team seamlessly. They are the ones who really want to work for you. Those who have genuinely decided that you are their employer of choice. How do you find these candidates?

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You need a strategy that helps you stand out from your competition. Here are five tactics to help you do this, as you market your company to Marketing Managers. 

1. Marketing Managers Need to See Your Unique Value Proposition

As an employer, there are several components that make you attractive to current and future employees. These include:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Corporate culture
  • Opportunities for personal development and career advancement

But every company offers these. What you need to do is show how your offer distinguishes you from your competitors. What is it that makes you so different, and a great place to work?

This can be a tough question to answer, as some of the things that you take for granted won’t be evident as something that differentiates you from other hiring companies. For example, it may be that your company’s executive team are hands-on and open to their employees’ requests and suggestions. You might have a working culture that welcomes flexibility of hours and provides opportunities to work from home – two of the most influential factors when professionals are considering a new marketing job.

Consider what it is that makes professionals feel valued in their roles, and what it is that makes them most dissatisfied in their current jobs. Show them how you are the employer they wished they were working for right now. For this insight, The RICS and Macdonald & Company Salary Survey 2019 is the premier data source.

2. Let Your Employees Do Your Talking for You

There are no better advocates of your employer brand than your current employees. If they love what they do, how they do it, and the environment in which they do it, they could be your best brand marketing machine.

Referrals work. 

People make decisions based on what others say, especially if those people are friends, family and fellow professionals in their personal networks. Referrals and reviews are how we decide which restaurant to visit, what car to buy, and where to go on holiday. Tap into the power of your people. Let them be the influence that a Marketing Manager job advert could never be.

During the interview process, consider introducing candidates to one or more of your brand advocates: employees who have no formal role in the hiring decision. These conversations will give candidates the opportunity to get a real feel for what it is like to work for your company.

3. Promote Referrals with Culture, not Compensation

Setting up an employee referral programme can be a good strategy to help find potential employees. However, if you rely on financial compensation to reward your employees for referrals, you risk devaluing the programme.

Make your referral programme work by ensuring your employees want to refer you as an employer. Create a culture that ensures your employees want to work for you.

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Make sure your employees understand and can share your company’s values and mission. Maintain a database of jobs that employees can access. Think about non-financial ways in which you can reward employees for referrals: event tickets, a voucher for a meal at a favourite restaurant, and time off work are just a few ideas for a successful employee referral programme.

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4. Make Compensation a Value Proposition

In a competitive jobs market, it is most common to focus on salary as a hiring tool. It’s certainly true that people will move for a higher salary. They will stay at a company that matches an offer made by a competitor.

Instead of focusing on salary, consider the whole compensation as a measure of your value as an employer. This includes bonuses, equity, and benefits such as training and development opportunities.

Perks such as a few extra days’ holiday, health and life insurance, an enhanced pension scheme, and paying for professional qualifications and membership of professional bodies are all valuable add-ons to base salary. The key is to understand what the market standards are so you can build a competitive compensation package, without relying on the blunt tool of salary to attract new employees.

5. Connect People with Their #1 Benefit: The boss

Unhappy employees are those who will leave. According to Gallup, a bad Manager is the number one reason an employee decides to search for a new job. It follows that a great Manager could be the biggest benefit a company can offer its employees.

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It’s likely that a candidate who you are interviewing doesn’t have the best relationship with their current Managers. Having the candidate meet their future boss is a good way of testing the employee/boss relationship that might evolve. If the boss and candidate get on well, it’s an extra incentive for the candidate to accept your offer of a marketing management job.

Smart Employers Hire Fast

In a tight jobs market, to hire the most talented Marketing Managers, you must market yourself as an employer. You should develop a strategy that elevates you above your competition and other marketing roles being considered. Highlight your value proposition, corporate culture, and the real value of your compensation package. Make sure that you are a great employer, and your employees will make sure that candidates know this.

A successful recruitment strategy starts before the need to fill a marketing job, and it never ends. To learn how working with the Real Estate Services team at Macdonald & Company can help transform your competitive advantage in your hiring market, contact us today.

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