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How to Hire Quantity Surveyors on Social Media

Posting date: 23 April 2019
Author: Tim Stranks

Is Social Media Recruitment Worth It?

Your social media recruitment strategy should align with all the other hiring components you use routinely, as well as fold into your broader social media strategy. 

Hiring, business development and marketing are increasingly entwined. The best quantity surveyors respond positively and most strongly to companies that ‘speak’ to them – using their language, speaking to their "personas" - not just responding to social media posts or liking posts but by being the sort of company they want to work for and tell their friends they work for.

Tips to Boost Your Social Media Hiring

For those companies hiring quantity surveyors or building surveyors, intelligent use of social media should be core to your hiring strategy. Here we discuss why, and you’ll learn the tactics to use when trying to fill your next quantity surveyor job.

Why Recruiters Use Social Media

Of all the innovations that the internet has brought the world, social media may be the one with the greatest impact. It is changing the way in which people interact, how they receive and discuss news, and how they connect with potential employers.

The average professional has at least five social media accounts. Many leverage social media in their job search. They connect with like-minded people, and they seek out employers recruiting with similar values and beliefs. For candidates, social media provides a crucial professional network. This network acts as a highly useful resource when searching for a new role. Like traditional networks, it keeps passive and active job seekers up to date with what is happening in the jobs market, provides useful information about potential employers, and gives them a route to be referred to these employers.

According to Glassdoor, around eight in every 10 active candidates use social media as part of their job search strategy. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook help you connect with these professionals – both active and passive candidates.

5 Benefits of Social Media for Quantity Surveyor Recruiting

Social media has reshaped how companies and recruitment agencies approach the hiring process. Research published by CareerArc found that 91% of employers are using social media as a recruitment tactic. 

On top of that, social media marketing will be the most in-demand HR skill by 2020. Recruiters aren’t using social media because it is trendy, there is a real business benefit to harnessing their power and reach effectively. Reasons to include social media in your recruitment strategy include:

1. Connecting with Passive Candidates

The RICS and Macdonald & Company Rewards and Attitudes Survey 2019 found that more than a third of professionals working in the real estate and built environment are either likely or very likely to move jobs in the next 12 months. Those who are very likely to move will be active in their search for a new role. The likely-to-move professionals are more passive.

Social media is a great place to find and connect with these passive candidates – high-quality quantity surveyors and others who would be open to moving if presented with the right opportunity. Betterteam, a US social media strategist, found that 80% of employers said that social media helps to find passive candidates.

As the social media platform of choice for professionals, LinkedIn is the favourite social media to connect with passive candidates.

2. Finding Passionate Professionals

Passionate professionals make the best hires. They are more likely to go the extra mile, and more likely to stay with you for the long term. Passionate people boost productivity and reduce the costs of the hiring cycle.

People use social media to discuss topics that are important to them. They discuss their achievements, and they take part in online conversations and message boards. Don't forget to join different groups on the networks too, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook and you can follow Twitter lists to stay up to date. You can learn a lot about a person’s passion or the company's interests from their work or activity on their social media accounts and how they interact with others and which companies they're following.

3. Finding the Right Cultural Fit

When building a quantity surveying team, you need team players. Social media can tell you much about the soft skills that a candidate possesses. You can learn how a potential candidate is likely to interact with their colleagues once on board. Are they active in their networks and groups? Do they openly discuss ideas, and accept the point of view of others? Or do they have a closed mind? Do they help others online, by offering possible solutions?

4. View Applicant Resumés Without Requesting Access

You may have been recommended a quantity surveyor by someone in their network. Especially on LinkedIn, you can see a potential candidate’s education, work experience and professional achievements. You’ll know whether they have the skills and technical background for the role before approaching them.

5. Filter Out Inappropriate Candidates

Social media provides another route for background checking quantity surveyors who have applied for a role in your company.

It is very hard to hide your real self on social media. If a candidate behaves poorly on social media, without respect for others, he or she is likely to be similar at work. Is this the type of person that you want working for you?

Use Employees & Specialist Recruiter Social Media Accounts

Your company’s social media accounts can only achieve so much. Encouraging your employees to become involved in your social media helps drive success & improve your reach.

For an extra boost, employ the services of a specialist recruiter that is active on social media. This will extend your reach further. With a company that knows how to use social media to discover the hidden talent your company desperately needs to grow, anonymously on your behalf, you maximise the benefits of social media while minimising the tasks and costs of doing social media effectively.

Recruiting Quantity Surveyors on Social Media

Using social media as a tactic within your recruitment strategy is no longer a trendy fad. It is a serious solution to the difficulty of hiring talented quality surveyors. You can promote your company and its culture through social media channels and connect to suitable candidates.

However, while most companies now employ social media as a hiring tactic, many of these are not achieving the success it promises. Of course, the exact social media hiring strategy you employ will be unique to you, but there are some basic ‘rules of engagement’ that will give your strategy direction and purpose.

  • Check Your Company Pages are Complete

Whatever social media platforms you employ in your recruitment strategy, it is imperative that your company page is complete. Potential candidates must see the whole picture. They want to see what you have to offer, what your company does, the type of projects it works on, and how your people think and act. If you don’t give candidates the whole picture, it’s unlikely that they will fully connect with you.

  • Promote your Corporate Culture

Share content that helps social media users to see how great it is to work for your company. People share content that excites them, and that they believe others will find useful. Such social sharing will help to grow your organisation’s network and attract potential candidates to connect with you.

  • Commit Time to Engage in Fruitful Conversations

Attracting the best people and converting passive candidates does not happen simply by posting job adverts on your social media accounts. It is essential to discover the right people by finding where they hang out.

Use hashtags on LinkedIn to learn where you should be participating in conversations. This is where the opportunity exists to engage with your target audience in a more focused and engaging way. It is essential to commit time to this, and to be constant and consistent in this approach.

  • Remain Current and Topical

Continually seek out what it is that professionals are discussing online, so that you can shape your content to remain topical. Social media interaction is as fluid as day-to-day conversation: the hot topic of today becomes yesterday’s news tomorrow.

  • Ensure your Social Media is Accessible

Support your corporate culture and attract talented individuals to connect by making your social media accounts accessible and inclusive. Every platform has tools to help you do this. These include formatting options such as large fonts, page readers, and image descriptions.

  • Find the Right Applicants by Intelligent Searching

If you are actively seeking candidates on social media, use filters to narrow your search to specific criteria. These might include experience, qualifications, achievements, professional memberships, location, etc. This will help you target the type of candidate who may be a good fit for your role.

  • Connect with a Personal Touch

Whether reaching out to a potential candidate or responding to a message or connection request, avoid the temptation to use a copy and paste message. Instead, make it personal and differentiate yourself from your competitors, who do respond identically to all. Show that you care about people. Pay attention to what they have to say by including details about them or their comments and messages to you.

  • Reach Candidates on Multiple Networks

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter may be the big three social media platforms, but you will also find strong candidates on other networks. Consider searching for forums and message boards where you will find quantity surveyors exchanging ideas and spreading industry news. Quora is one such platform, where people ask questions. If you provide the answer, you may prove to be the answer to a surveyor’s longer-term question: “Where do I really want to work?”

  • Involve your Employees in Social Media Activity

The best way to show what a wonderful workplace you provide is to have your people talk about it. Yet many companies think that their social media efforts must be controlled with an iron fist by restricting access etc. Don’t be this company.

Of course, there will be rules that your employees must follow, but by allowing your employees the leeway to talk about the work they do and the company they work for, you are reinforcing your good corporate culture.

The best advocates for your company are its employees. They can do more to attract talent than your whole HR department. It’s likely that your employees are avid users of social media, with their own networks. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of potential recruits could be within your grasp. 

It’s a valuable resource that you should employ. How valuable? In a survey of job seekers, online job board Monster found that 65% of respondents would consider a new job opportunity if they heard about it through a personal connection in their network.

Quantity Surveyors on Social Media

Thousands of quantity surveyors in the UK use social media every day. By being engaging, you will engage with the best of these. Get good at social media. Actually, you need to be great at it. Invest in social media with true commitment to make it work for you. 

RICS Recruitment partner

Encourage your employees to promote your company on social media. Post relevant, newsworthy items regularly. Ask them to like, share and comment on posts that are relevant to their business area and they have a view on.

Social media is an effective part of your outreach and this sort of step increases the digital footprint and your employer branding. 

Do the basics as outlined above, and then shape the rest of your social media strategy for your hiring and business requirements. Do these things, and you’ll bring greater awareness of your company to the talented people you are trying to connect and engage with. This will increase your pipeline of potential candidates, for when you need to harvest all that good will you have built up.

As a specialist recruiter and the preferred recruitment partner of RICS, we are committed to our social media strategy. We post regularly, often several times in a day. We provide intelligent insight to encourage active and passive job seekers as well as industry professionals who are passive - or not actively looking for a new role to connect with us. We post the latest jobs available on our social media jobs boards and they're optimised for search engines. We work with our clients to make our social media strategies work for them – and the 26,000 followers (and counting) on our Macdonald & Company LinkedIn page, or our Facebook pageInstagram or Twitter.

To give your social media strategy the boost it needs to connect with the quantity surveyors or other industry professionals you are hiring now or in the future, contact our Quantity Surveyor recruitment team today.

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