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East Kowloon to become a smart city

Smartphones, Smart homes and now Smart cities - Hong Kong's district of Kowloon East is to become a testing ground for a smart city development with its resident's opinions shaping the framework for the smart city.

Brenda Au Kit-ying, leader of the Development Bureau’s Energising Kowloon East office, explains, “With the results of our study, we looked at other cities and considered opportunities for Kowloon East to come up with a proposed framework. After the public engagement exercise, we hope to move on to the implementation strategy, proof of concept trials and formulation of proposals.”

As part of the creation of the development, four trials will take place throughout 2017 to understand how practical the smart city will be, with further investigations taking place into its innovation, durability and cost effectiveness. Already pencilled into the framework is a mobile app to help residents navigate the development (via foot) and a smart crowd management system with an ultimate goal of integrating the app with pedestrian positioning and geolocation tracking via GPS.

Further innovations will include a smart parking app that will assist drivers to locate a vacant parking space, commercial load/unloading system and an energy efficiency system for residents. 

You can view a video of the development via Kowloon East Infrastructures YouTube channel by clicking here

Written by Nick Dereka, Head of Digital, Prime People Plc.