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GRIT Testimonial

GRIT Real Estate Income Group
Peter Moore, CEO, Macdonald & Company

GRIT - Real Estate Income Group

Grit is a real estate income group that generates superior US Dollar and Euro yield for investors by investing in a diversified portfolio of high-quality real estate assets across the African continent and Indian Ocean Islands, excluding South Africa, anchored by blue-Chip international tenants. With multiple commercial assets in 6 African countries, GRIT have become the most trusted global name in African real estate investment.

Long Term Trusted Advisor

Macdonald & Company has been working with Bronwyn Corbett, Grit’s CEO, since her days with Motseng, from which Delta, MaraDelta and Grit has evolved. 

We have been leveraged to source senior, key staff members, including the current CFO of Grit, at the time that the company was looking to list.  Since their first listing in Mauritius, they have gone on to list in both Johannesburg and London. 

Due to our local presence but Global reach, Macdonald & Company are regularly assigned to fulfil roles such as General Manager for West and North Africa, or to assist their development subsidiary in sourcing in country staff in various African territories. 


Talented Team

"Two of our cornerstone pillars are "Talented Team" and "Building Relationships.  Through collaborative partnerships with our providers, together with the personal involvement of Julie Teague we have been able to, and continue to source and develop local talent across our geographies."

Cathy Williams, Group Human Resources, GRIT

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