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Attracting the best Real Estate talent: by Profession

Posting date: 7 April 2021
Simon Crabb our consultant managing the role

We break down what real estate candidates value and look for in a new role, across regions and seniority levels. And for the first time, we share the responses by profession. 

The Real Estate recruiting climate today

The demand for top Real Estate candidates has significantly increased as the effects of the pandemic have subdued. Our teams have witnessed a flurry of activity in recent weeks with organisations and hiring managers eager to resume their hiring drives. 

According to this recruitment trends lockdown report, the Real Estate industry posted the second-highest number of roles with an average of 15 applicants per role. This is despite the effects of the pandemic, with real estate out-performing the number of new roles alongside other high-demand industries such as IT. 

We are encountering many in the industry making decisions to move onwards and upwards in 2021, aligning their business adaptations with new leadership roles, and onboarding new members in restructured teams.

Leaders in Real Estate are making big decisions to emerge from the pandemic, and recruiting the right staff members are crucial for their plans.

However, leaders are finding they are facing basic issues in both attracting new recruits, while retaining their current staff members. The ‘new world’ of work has pivoted and attitudes have changed, along with the methods to attract the best recruits. 

It would appear competition is high. This presents a problem for hiring managers where the right people and the speediness required for new talent is crucial for post-pandemic growth – luckily from our recent Rewards and Attitudes survey report, we have the latest consensus of desired work-attributes to compete for the best talent. 

Here are the main findings of our report and where the data suggests hiring managers should be mindful of when attracting talent.

Valued workplace requirements

The immediate evidence for this change in attitude is salary and bonus levels being out-ranked by other values such as more appreciation and recognition within a company.

In fact, our data shows that nearly a fifth more professionals rank a company’s leadership team as an important factor when considering a new role compared to last year.

Compared to remunerations on offer, where you can just increase salary levels budget-permitting, leadership and management is not an easy fete to try to influence and compete on. Leaders would be wise to watch over their workplace culture as they adapt and restructure their teams. Since the pandemic, there has been no greater opportunity presented to actively foster a better workplace culture where there may have been major changes to staffing.

Promote the benefits of your company culture and rewards on your website careers page, and encourage current employees to give feedback on platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed. From application to interview stage, candidates are increasingly probing your company culture, leadership, and managerial styles - all the way from the top - before deciding to join your business.

Most desired at work by region

The rankings on what we value at work vary by region with the UK and Europeans placing more emphasis on camaraderie with fellow colleagues, whilst Asians and Middle Eastern professionals seek appreciation from senior managers.

Important ranked factors when seeking a new role by seniority

As we drill down the responses by seniority in Real Estate, it appears the more senior professionals still consider their salary and bonus levels as important before moving to a new role. Mid-level employees are on the look out for a potential work-life balance on offer, whilst graduate and entry-level candidates value training and personal development nearly as much.

How Real Estate professionals found their current role

Placed candidates in Real Estate claim to have found their role via a recruitment agency. This was significantly higher than the categories in personal networking, job boards and social networks. 

Exclusive: How professionals found their current role by profession/sector

Here's the first look at how our respondents found their current role by their profession or sector. Getting placed in a role by a recruitment consultancy was the most successful method, followed by using a personal network and directly contacting a company.

Exclusive: What candidates look for in a new role, by profession

Here is a breakdown of what respondents say they look for in a new role, other than salary, by profession.

If you have a vacancy to fill, contact a member of our specialist teams in your nearest location and sector, or submit your vacancy using the online form.

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