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Accelerating Careers in Real Estate - Episode 5

Posting date: 9 July 2020
Nicholas Carman our consultant managing the role

Episode 5 with Jon Beswick

In this episode I sit down with Jon Beswick, Founder of Adventurer in Architecture. Jon right from the gun set out on a unique career path and didn’t subscribe to what many others consider to be our measures of success. Jon has built an architectural and now development practice to accommodate his other true passion in life and that is conquering the impossible feats across the globe. Jon’s sense of success is different to many and balancing these two passions and fusing them to mean that both flourish is what gives him his drive. In this episode you will hear us discuss how he established his business based on lessons he learnt from exploring Africa in a Defender, through to a ski to the south pole to his world record breaking exploits including the World’s Highest Dinner Party held at 6,500m.

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