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Accelerating Careers in Real Estate - Episode 25

Posting date: 15 April 2021
Nicholas Carman our consultant managing the role

Episode 25: Milestone Special

No career starts off on the same trajectory and manages to stick to it; careers are built in waves or chapters; Accelerating or Resting. Now what pits my guests against the status quo is that after a period of accelerating they yearn for more and that the period of resting or consolidation is meant to be comfortable but to them is a period of discontent.

Nick Carman

In a 25th Episode milestone, the host of our 'Accelerating Careers in Real Estate' podcast series, Nick Carman, looks back at all our guests to establish a theme in their success. The podcast has grown with a global audience and we have been grateful to hear about all of these successful careers.

Nick announces some exciting projects in the next phase of the series that will give our listeners an opportunity to get involved!

Find the full guest lineup and episodes here.

The Accelerating Careers Podcast is in Partnership with Urban Land Institute. 

We want everyone to benefit from our combined Real Estate communities. If you wish to find out more about the ULI and its benefits visit: remembering to use the promo code ACRE.

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