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Recruitment Services

Emma Burnaby-Atkins

Search / Headhunt

Our Headhunting/Search service is a highly focused way of identifying and connecting with senior or specialised individuals, many of whom will not be actively looking for a new role.

The outcome of an assignment at this level can be heavily influenced by the quality of our connection with our client, so considerable time is spent understanding your business requirements, gaining insight into where you want to achieve positive growth.

We invest considerable time and effort in developing an in-depth understanding of an organisation’s unique culture. Adopting detailed research, mapping techniques and networking, we identify and target select individuals for approach, interview and shortlist, managing the recruitment process through to a successful closing offer.


Our recruitment database holds the details of tens of thousands of candidates both actively and passively seeking new opportunities. Hundreds of new candidates register with us every month, often exclusively. After taking your detailed instructions, searches in the database are undertaken by experienced consultants, who are qualified to advise within their specialist sectors. You can be confident that any details you receive will truly reflect your needs.

Confidentiality is critically important to employers and candidates. Our strict policies in this respect and our discreet approach are precisely why so many high calibre candidates and companies put their faith in our services.

Will Buck
Stephen Glands

Advertised Search

Our Advertised Search service is often recommended for sourcing senior personnel or specialists where a comprehensive integrated recruitment process is appropriate and justified. Using our industry experience and rigorous research methods, in conjunction with advertising, we target and then connect with candidates accurately and confidentially. Throughout the assignment, we promote your opportunity to maximum effect - from the initial advertisement and research, to successful closing offer.

Advertised Selection

A dedicated consultant will undertake a campaign of advertising in your name or ours, interviewing all appropriate respondents and preparing a shortlist for presentation.

Our clients benefit from the highly discounted media rates we have negotiated with the industry press, as well as skilled copy writing and advertisement design, all of which has built an excellent record for recruiting ideal candidates for a notable list of long-term clients.

Vani Lai
Joseph Corcoran

Freelance / Contract Services

We recognise that our clients increasingly require a flexible workforce. We connect you to contract professionals and support staff, who are available for both short and long term contracts, in all disciplines at all levels. The knowledge we have of our contractors and the relationships we build with them ensures a speedy response to all requirements. Our reputation for quality and professionalism engenders loyalty with our contractors - many of whom have worked exclusively through us for a number of years.

Our Consultancy Services

Consulting with Macdonald & Company ensures that you benefit from impartial, level-headed advice. We take the ambitions and aims of all those who consult us seriously, understanding and defining them clearly before undertaking any assignment.

Many employers value the detailed consultancy advice we can offer. This includes salary benchmarking, remuneration analysis and guidance at review. Where new employment is concerned, we will make the process as helpful, stimulating and trouble-free as possible.

Acting for you in the way that suits you and your needs, we will agree an appropriate communication strategy and ensure that every decision and action is based upon expert advice.

Macdonald & Company undertakes the leading worldwide salary surveys. Visit our downloads section to view the salary survey most relevant to your region. Any of our offices will be delighted to discuss any questions you may have.

Nicholas Carman
Cathy Keeling

Acquisition / Merger

Recruitment is not the only way to diversify or expand your operations.  Sometimes an acquisition or merger can provide the most efficient solution.  We have managed A&M projects for various organisations, including rapidly growing SMEs, multi-nationals and overseas companies seeking a foothold in the UK.  With our industry contacts we are well placed to identify potential opportunities and we understand the need for sensitivity, confidentiality and objectivity.  We can also introduce you to independent advisers in areas such as business planning, information technology, appraisal, capital structuring and taxation - providing a total A&M solution.

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