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Significant growth in 'boutique' areas

There was a time that having a Waitrose opening up in a town or village was a sign that a particular area had arrived and  this was followed most recently by farmers’ markets and boutique cafes or cupcake shops were watermarks of a location’s growing prestige.  Now it appears that indie cinemas are playing their part as well.

In London, the city has experienced a growth in boutique cinemas over the last decade with small chains opening in areas where homeowners, who are wealthier but priced out of their old haunts, have moved into areas.  According to the article the rise in popularity of these small cinemas, often opening in well known and historic buildings are happening in areas that have been gentrified and as with food, it is in part a desire for localness.

You can view the Telegraph's original article here

Written by Christopher Humphrey, Macdonald & Company
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