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Core Services, Accountancy & Finance

The core services, finance & accountancy team recruit for our diverse client base advising on core business service vacancies in finance & accountancy, marketing, sales, business development, human resources, legal and executive assistants.



Director - London

I’m excited to be part of the Macdonald & Company family. I lead our Finance recruitment division across the UK as well as being a hands on recruiter still myself.

I’ve been working in the Finance recruitment space for over 15 years across multiple sectors and specialisms, but always within Finance and always with a firm hold on the real estate space. I now lead a fantastic team that deliver an amazing service to their clients within the real estate arena.

In my spare time you will find me on the driveway tinkering with my motorcycle collection or enjoying them on the open road.

Director - London

Having come from a surveying background, I have recruited in the Technical and Facilities sectors for over 16 years.

As a Director and EXCO member of Prime People, my passion is within Executive Search where I have successfully recruited for clients across the UK and Europe. Whilst I am a seasoned search specialist, I also lead the Technical and Facilities Management divisions. I am also in charge of the internal talent acquisition team.

I work closely with RICS as their preferred business partner and am instrumental in collaborating on such projects as the annual Salary Survey and Young Surveyor of the Year Awards.

I am particularly passionate about golf and playoff a single-figure handicap; I can be seen at any property networking event that allows me to get on the course.



Recruitment Consultant - London

Friendly, ambitious, young recruitment consultant. Being a recruitment consultant is a field that complements my skillset of sales and interpersonal relationships. I am a confident communicator who is used to working at a fast pace.  I aim to put the right candidates into the right positions.

I have a passion for music on the side, playing drums and percussion and a love for motorbikes on the weekend.

Recruitment Consultant - Manchester

I joined Macdonald & Company in 2000 following a career working within chartered surveying and conveyancing.

I am based in the Manchester office, but work across East and West Midlands, North West and North East UK regions, Scotland and Wales. I recruit for the whole spectrum of business support roles but within the specialism of real estate.

Head of South-Central U.S.A.

I am the Head of South-Central U.S. Operations for Macdonald & Company. Based in Houston, TX, I focus on search and placement of real estate professionals primarily in the major metropolitan areas of Texas, as well as the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regions of the country.

I have 10 years of experience delivering the hire of mid and senior-level real estate professionals into Real Estate Developers, Investors, Owners, and Operators across North America. When I undertake a search, as an ambassador for your firm; I approach my network with passion and enthusiasm, to represent your brand and organization in a manner to captivate the very best (active or passive) talent in the marketplace.

I am detail-oriented in my approach and utilize data, industry insights and market-leading search technology & tools to drive the very best results for those that entrust me as their recruitment partner.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Nottingham Business School.

我是 Macdonald&Company 美国办事处的负责人。位于德克萨斯州休斯顿,本人主要负责房地产专业人员招聘,服务地区覆盖德克萨斯州的主要大都市地区、美国东南、西南、中西部和落基山脉地区。

我拥有 10 年的工作经验,为北美房地产开发商、投资者、所有者和运营商服务,聘请中高级房地产专业人员。




Recruitment Consultant - South Africa

“The average person will spend anywhere from 50,000-15,0000 hours of their total lifetime, or about 20-60% of their meaningful adult time, on their careers“– Tim Urban.  Wait, but why?

Whether it is helping you find the right talent for a role, or reaching your career goals, I am all about helping you get there.

As a recruiter, my drive and passion is to create, match and unify connections through building lasting relationships.

Having around 5 years’ experience within internal recruitment and drawing from experience in mining, finance and insurance, I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the Macdonald & Company team – the leading professional recruitment consultancy for the real estate and built environment.

Senior Associate - Dubai

I have 8 years of service with Macdonald & Company. Initially joining the London Technical team in 2011 where I started my recruitment career and since then relocated to our Dubai office at the beginning of 2017, where I'm now a Senior Associate.

Focusing on the Real Estate and Construction industry mainly for Developers, Sovereign Funds, Family Offices, Prop Cos, Retailers, Consultancies, Design Practices.

I have over 13 years working within the Real Estate industry. Starting my professional career with one the country’s leading Estate Agent businesses, where I spent time in both London and also South of France. Following this I joined a London Real Estate Investment business in a Real Estate Management and Sales role, before starting my Macdonald & Company career.

Throughout my time with Macdonald & Company, I have had the luxury to be exposed to most areas of a Real Estate assets life-cycle, allowing me to provide clients with expert knowledge over most areas and at all levels of seniority. My two greatest achievements over the last 8 years has been developing my own niche within the London team, focusing on serving the Land Estates and foreign investors, mainly Middle Eastern Family Offices. Grosvenor Estate was a successful account of mine for nearly 6 years. Secondly relocating to the UAE and joining our long-established office in Dubai where I’m a part of a small team, covering next to all areas of the industry across the entire Middle East. This has given me vast exposure to multiple client types, dealings with a variation of nationalities and also different working environments.

我在 Macdonald&Company 服务了 8 年。我最初于2011年加入伦敦技术团队,在那里我开始了我的招聘生涯,从那时起,于 2017 年初搬到我们的迪拜办事处,现在我是高级研究员。

我专注于房地产和建筑,主要面向开发商,主权基金,家族办公室,支柱公司,零售商,顾问和设计实践。 我在房地产行业拥有超过13年的工作经验。我的职业生涯始于该国一家领先的房地产经纪公司,曾在伦敦和法国南部工作。之后,我加入伦敦房地产投资公司担任房地产管理和销售职位,然后开始在 Macdonald & Company.

在 Macdonald&Company 工作的整个过程中,我一直可以接触房地产资产生命周期的大部分领域,这使我能够为客户提供有关大多数领域和各个级别资历的专业知识。在过去8年中,我取得的两个最大成就是在伦敦团队中发展了自己的利基市场,专注于为 Land Estates 和外国投资者(主要是中东家族办公室)提供服务。格罗夫纳庄园(Grosvenor Estate)是我的成功案例,已有近 6 年的历史。其次,搬迁到阿联酋,加入我们在迪拜建立的办事处,在那里我是一个小团队的一员,涵盖了整个中东整个行业的各个领域。这使我能够广泛接触多种类型的客户,涉及不同的国籍以及不同的工作环境。

Recruitment Consultant - South Africa

I am a dedicated individual with the belief that anything is possible at any moment of time, if one truly applies a devoted effort towards achieving those desired possibilities.  I believe that I have the quality to ensure this dedicated effort towards all potential clients and candidates within the market.

I believe that there is also great importance in ensuring in-depth communication and understanding towards both clients and candidates, to ensure effective and efficient problem solving solutions that can be used to benefit my potential clients and candidates. I like having complete transparency around business matters, as well as being mindful of trust and confidentiality between myself and both clients and candidates.  I am passionate to ensure the work and time I invest in building close relationships results in a high level of satisfaction for all stakeholders.  I aim to continuously achieve the best of myself and in doing so, I aim to achieve the best potential outcomes for both clients and candidates.


I help our Property and Construction recruitment teams to service clients to the best of our capabilities, supporting our managers, at-desk training, speaking to clients and getting involved with the wider business.

No day is the same and I relish the challenges and achievements matching professionals with an employer's culture, team and ambition. 

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