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Managing Director Germany

I am the Specialist Recruiter for the German Real Estate Investment market and run our Germany operation from our Frankfurt office.

I have been in recruitment for over 13 years, delivering hires for roles in acquisitions, asset and portfolio management, across all levels of seniority (Analyst to MD). My clients are top tier US, European and German Real Estate Private Equity, Institutional Funds, Family Offices, Investment Banks and Investment Managers & Developers.

My track record in connecting talent is a result of an extensive network of long-term relationships, combined with an excellent understanding of the real estate & recruitment industries.

I am passionate, personable, consultative and diligent in my approach.

I hold Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, Poland.


我从事招聘工作已超过13年,为所有级别的高级职位(从 MD 到 MD 的分析师)提供招聘职位,以担任收购,资产和资产组合管理的职位。我的客户是美国,欧洲和德国的顶级房地产私募股权,机构基金,家族办公室,投资银行以及投资经理和开发商。




Research Analyst - Frankfurt

Joining the Investment and Funds team in Frankfurt at the beginning of 2021 has allowed me to combine my interest in the Real Estate space with my strong communication skills. I thoroughly enjoy understanding a candidate’s motivations and making sure they reach their goals.

Though German-born, I grew up in Brisbane, Australia. I returned to Germany in 2015 and have since then gained a Bachelor of Sociology and Humangeography from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. During my studies I developed a strong interest for the built environment and urban space sector, which motivates me to learn something new about the market each day.

My intercultural background and fluency in both English and German allows me to communicate with candidates on a native level.

I am an empathetic, curious, and driven person who enjoys working with a team that fosters my professional and personal growth.

Director - Duesseldorf

My clients know me as a trusted adviser for the best career advice and unchallenged recruitment solutions. I've been appointed to lead the new Dusseldorf office and play a key role in our German expansion.

We are the most connected and respected real estate recruitment company since 1994. Working for the most regarded players in investment, management and development, we apply local knowledge with true global connection.

Our daily job is connecting the right people within and over the top of the industry - building careers, accelerating growth.

Looking for a property career revealing your potential or searching for best-fitting talent? Let's connect!

Research Analyst - Frankfurt

My focus at Macdonald & Company is to recruit on behalf of top tier US & European & German Real Estate Investment businesses across the German market.

I have recruited in the past for top leading engineering positions in the United States. As a recruiter, I pride myself in bringing the best candidates and clients together. I am known for successfully carving new relationships and maintaining bonds. My background includes working for the software and finance industries. I have a strong interest in the Real Estate Investment business that has led me to join Macdonald & Company.

I received my Bachelor from the University of Iowa in Enterprise Leadership and International Business. While learning about European cultures and business styles I knew I wanted to be working on the ground in Europe early in my career.

I truly love making a difference and creating opportunities.

Recruitment Consultant - Frankfurt

Joining the Investment and Funds team in Frankfurt End of 2019 I will help to grow the presence of Macdonald & Company in Germany. I do enjoy the continuous contact with clients and candidates and provide a debonair service with an eye for detail.

My past working experience within different cultures in international environments make it easy for me to connect to any kind of person and understand their viewpoint and future goals. My continuous drive to learn something new every day helps me to keep my market knowledge up do date.

I hold a MSc in Biology from the Goethe University in Frankfurt and worked previously in molecular and bioinformatical with freshwater crabs from the Himalayan mountains.

Associate - Frankfurt

I joined Macdonald & Company to play an integral across the international activities, with a particular focus within the German real estate investment market.

Born in Germany, I studied banking and started my professional career with Sparkasse (German savings bank) where I worked for 7 years. During this time I had great success, progressed quickly and developed my skills and knowledge significantly, specifically in the sale of financial products including selected real estate funds, giving me a great backbone of knowledge and insight into the sector.

I work and partner with some of the largest and highly regarded real estate organisations across Germany. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of a company with dedicated, responsible and ambitious people.

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