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Middle East

Senior Associate - Dubai

I have 8 years of service with Macdonald & Company. Initially joining the London Technical team in 2011 where I started my recruitment career and since then relocated to our Dubai office at the beginning of 2017, where I'm now a Senior Associate.

Focusing on the Real Estate and Construction industry mainly for Developers, Sovereign Funds, Family Offices, Prop Cos, Retailers, Consultancies, Design Practices.

I have over 13 years working within the Real Estate industry. Starting my professional career with one the country’s leading Estate Agent businesses, where I spent time in both London and also South of France. Following this I joined a London Real Estate Investment business in a Real Estate Management and Sales role, before starting my Macdonald & Company career.

Throughout my time with Macdonald & Company, I have had the luxury to be exposed to most areas of a Real Estate assets life-cycle, allowing me to provide clients with expert knowledge over most areas and at all levels of seniority. My two greatest achievements over the last 8 years has been developing my own niche within the London team, focusing on serving the Land Estates and foreign investors, mainly Middle Eastern Family Offices. Grosvenor Estate was a successful account of mine for nearly 6 years. Secondly relocating to the UAE and joining our long-established office in Dubai where I’m a part of a small team, covering next to all areas of the industry across the entire Middle East. This has given me vast exposure to multiple client types, dealings with a variation of nationalities and also different working environments.

我在 Macdonald&Company 服务了 8 年。我最初于2011年加入伦敦技术团队,在那里我开始了我的招聘生涯,从那时起,于 2017 年初搬到我们的迪拜办事处,现在我是高级研究员。

我专注于房地产和建筑,主要面向开发商,主权基金,家族办公室,支柱公司,零售商,顾问和设计实践。 我在房地产行业拥有超过13年的工作经验。我的职业生涯始于该国一家领先的房地产经纪公司,曾在伦敦和法国南部工作。之后,我加入伦敦房地产投资公司担任房地产管理和销售职位,然后开始在 Macdonald & Company.

在 Macdonald&Company 工作的整个过程中,我一直可以接触房地产资产生命周期的大部分领域,这使我能够为客户提供有关大多数领域和各个级别资历的专业知识。在过去8年中,我取得的两个最大成就是在伦敦团队中发展了自己的利基市场,专注于为 Land Estates 和外国投资者(主要是中东家族办公室)提供服务。格罗夫纳庄园(Grosvenor Estate)是我的成功案例,已有近 6 年的历史。其次,搬迁到阿联酋,加入我们在迪拜建立的办事处,在那里我是一个小团队的一员,涵盖了整个中东整个行业的各个领域。这使我能够广泛接触多种类型的客户,涉及不同的国籍以及不同的工作环境。

Managing Director

I am the Managing Director of an international multi disciplined Executive Search & Recruitment Consulting firm focusing on major social infrastructure, design, engineering and real estate projects across Asia and the MENA Region.

Specialties: Mega Infrastructure, Critical Systems, Engineering, Construction, Project Management, Corporate Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Aviation, Rail, Professional Services, Finance, Investment and Strategy.



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