Insider’s View: Real Estate Salaries and Trends Revealed

As we prepare for the release of our upcoming salary survey report, we’re offering you an exclusive preview of the latest insights gathered from over 15, 000 real estate professionals.

This gives you an invaluable glimpse into the world of real estate salaries, rewards, and attitudes shaping the industry landscape and influencing hiring practices on a global scale.

For more than 20 years, our survey remains the most comprehensive benchmark for remuneration and attitudes, empowering HR professionals and employers to make strategic decisions that enhance their workforce and talent management strategies.

The central topics of this year’s survey revolve around not only salaries, but also employee benefits packages. The focus concerns how these benefits have evolved, the integration of flexible working arrangements into these packages, and the preferences of respondents regarding additional workplace benefits.

Key Findings

Discover the emerging data that will redefine the way you view your hiring practices, staff retention, and employee engagement:

  • Companies show reluctance in hiring, but nearly 6 in 10 foresee an imminent skills shortage.
  • With annual reviews and cost-of-living adjustments, women are less likely to secure a pay rise compared to men.
  • Satisfaction with benefits packages rises with seniority and is generally higher in the UK.
  • Men and those in junior roles feel their career development is hindered in flexible work setups.
  • 20% of global real estate professionals are planning to move jobs in the next 12 months.
  • When considering job ads, women lean towards flexible hybrid/remote work, while men prioritise bonus potential.

To make more informed, strategic hiring decisions, you can request a bespoke report today here. This provides analysis more in-tune with your organisation and can be tailored by location, sector, profession, and company size helping you align your recruitment strategy with your organisation’s unique needs and goals.


Salaries, Rewards & Sentiments 2024

Browse our global real estate salary report.

Conclusion: Insider’s View: Real Estate Salaries and Trends Revealed

This early preview showcases key findings, from gender disparities in pay rises to the impact of hybrid work on career development. Keep your eyes peeled for the official report in March, where we will delve deeper into these insights.

Explore filtered data by location and seniority to gain a more thorough understanding of the evolving trends in real estate salaries and professional trajectories when the full report is published online in March.

This year, we will also be providing specialised reports that offer a more in-depth exploration of responses, attitudes, and compensation details tailored to specific professions.

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