Management and Leadership Training: The Courses You Need to Attend

Leadership training is essential if you want to progress from management to a leadership role.

The skills required to excel at this level are different, and you need to be prepared to handle a multitude of responsibilities – some of which will be completely new to you.

Any leadership role is an integral position in a company as you’ll be contributing to the organisation’s overall success and guiding your team towards achieving its goals. To be an effective leader, you must possess strong communication skills, the ability to inspire and motivate others, and a clear vision for the future.

Leadership training provides you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the challenges of leadership, such as decision-making, conflict resolution, and strategic planning. As you progress from a management role to a leadership position, you’ll find that your impact on the company’s culture and direction becomes increasingly significant.

That said, no one expects you to make the jump from management to leadership without adequate training. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of leadership training courses to help you take the next step with confidence.

As leaders in real estate recruitment, we partner with a range of professionals as they progress throughout their career. We provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring they secure the right role that allows them to thrive.

Let’s look at some leadership training courses that we would recommend.

Step Up to Leadership – From Manager to Leader

When: 5th June 2024
Where: London
Cost: £595 + VAT

This course is for people who are new to or aspiring to their first true leadership role.

It will give you practical tools you can use to evaluate your current leadership abilities and to understand what you need to do to fill in any gaps. If there’s something you’re not aware of that’s holding you back, this course will help you find and deal with it.
You will gain clarity about your personal strengths and how you can build on them to lead with purpose and authenticity.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between being a manager and being a leader
  • What are the essential building blocks of leadership: authenticity /self-awareness / articulating your vision, values and purpose
  • Mapping your own leadership timeline and reflecting on what these events have taught you
  • How to build trust and why this is essential; inviting and acting on feedback from peers, colleagues and people you manage
  • Developing and communicating your vision while making it real and authentic to you
  • Understanding that you are always a work in progress and how to make time for your development
  • Translating your new insights into practical actions that will make you a more effective leader

Who it’s for:

Anyone in or aspiring to a leadership role who would like:

  • more self-awareness and confidence
  • to feel more authentic as a leader
  • see what skills, attitudes and actions make up successful leadership and how to develop them

Find out more and book here.

Leadership Training Course – Live and Learn

When: Upon request
Where: Virtually or on-site at your office
Cost: Upon request

This is perfect for all supervisors, team leaders, first line managers, middle managers or senior management teams seeking to develop new techniques to effectively lead people.

Discover the impact of different leadership styles and gain best practice leadership skills to transform your staff into a cohesive high performing team. Become a respected leader who inspires better results.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding what leadership really is
  • Discover what great leadership really looks like
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of a great leader within the workplace
  • Get the balance correct between management & leadership
  • How to adapt your personal leadership style
  • Developing your team vision
  • Adopt a high performance leadership approach
  • Discover how to become a 360 leader
  • Identify the importance of creating vision within the team
  • How to set goals & team objectives to achieve your vision
  • Successfully implement your statement of intent within your team
  • Keep your team motivated by conducting meetings that matter
  • Tools to become an action centered leader

Who it’s for:

Perfect for anyone aspiring to become a highly effective leader, including:

  • New managers
  • Supervisors
  • Middle managers
  • First line managers
  • Team leaders
  • Senior management teams

Find out more and book here.

Aspire Leadership Skills Training

When: Various dates in 2024
Where: London
Cost: Online – £995 (Early bird £796), Face to Face – £1050 (Early bird £840) all + VAT

The aim of this course is to help leaders be the best they can be.

This two day leadership development training course is designed for people wanting to develop their full leadership potential.

The course explores fundamental questions such as what does it mean to be a leader? Where are you going? Why should people follow you?

Day One of the Leadership Training Course focuses on you as a leader, your vision, and your personal leadership style by exploring the Aspire 5 Powers Model for effective leadership.

On Day Two, you will be introduced to tools and techniques for influencing as a leader, exploring ways to motivate and inspire others. You are encouraged to grow and develop your network and spheres of influence.

What you’ll learn:

  • Have a clear idea of what leadership means, to you and others
  • Understand the Aspire 5 Powers of Leadership model and how to apply it
  • Appreciate your own leadership style, qualities and strengths
  • Understand the need for flexibility in leadership and how to achieve it
  • Know how to define and communicate an inspiring vision
  • Understand how to use your leadership skills to influence, motivate, inspire and challenge others
  • Know how to network and influence those around you to achieve your vision

Who it’s for:

Target delegates for this course are already managers and looking to step up to Leadership.

Find out more and book here.

Women Advancing in Leadership

When: Various dates in 2024
Where: Various cities in the UK
Cost: Online – £590 + VAT

Only 6% of FTSE 100 CEOs are female, while the percentage of women on FTSE 250 boards stands at only 29.6%.

This course offers you the opportunity to examine your leadership style, consider how it interacts with your personal value and career goals and identify how you can overcome the barriers you face as a female leader.

You will be able to consider what may hold you back from progression in your career and receive practical advice and strategies for how this can be tackled.

You will also gain an understanding of the latest research on gender in leadership and what your own challenges are as a female leader. You’ll leave the day with new insights and practical actions that’ll empower you to achieve success in your career.

What you’ll learn:

  • Current leadership thinking and the key challenges facing women in leadership roles today
  • How gender messages have affected your behaviour as a leader
  • How to build and maintain confidence and self belief
  • The importance of enhancing your strengths and how to achieve this
  • How to improve your resilience
  • Why language matters and how to challenge negative messages
  • Communicating with confidence and raising your profile to those who matter
  • Effective networking, including practical tips to build your professional network
  • How to influence at a business strategy level
  • Leading culture change – how to take a key role in changing your organisational culture
  • Work/life pressures – strategies for managing competing demands
  • The top nine senior leadership competencies you need and what high performance looks like

Who it’s for:

Women who want to progress to a leadership role and are interested in finding out more and receiving support about making this transition.

Find out more and book here.

The Newly Appointed Director

When: 16/04/24
Where: London
Cost: Online – £590 + VAT

The Newly Appointed Director is an intensive, one-day course to equip you with the tools, mindset and confidence needed when operating at the more senior levels of business.

In this training course, you will work with other aspiring and/or newly appointed directors, to understand how to create the mental space and time to lead with impact, inspire high performance and drive organisational change.

What you’ll learn:

  • Make sure that your team is working in line with your organisation’s purpose, vision, strategy and values
  • The qualities and attributes of high performing teams, and how to identify, engage and nurture talent
  • How to use your natural skills and behaviours, and those of your team to perform and succeed in your role
  • Give clear honest, feedback that enhances trust and respect
  • How to make the best use of your time to allow a better balance of thinking versus doing
  • Help people through major organisational changes
  • A framework for effective delegation, including the helpers and barriers

Who it’s for:

This course is aimed at those professionals operating at the more senior levels of business.

Find out more and book.


man talking to group of people

Management and Leadership Training: The Courses You Need to Attend

The journey from a management position to a leadership role is a significant step in your career which is where leadership training is crucial.

To make this transition successfully, you need to invest in these training courses as they provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership positions, empowering you to tackle new challenges and responsibilities with confidence.

This means you not only improve your own capabilities but also contribute to the growth and success of your organisation. Whether it’s improving communication, honing decision-making abilities, or fostering a more inclusive and motivated team, these training courses are the key to unlocking your full leadership potential.

At Macdonald & Company, we’re dedicated to helping professionals in various real estate career paths as they advance from mid-level management to senior positions. We are committed to identifying the ideal role that aligns with your specific criteria, allowing you to excel in your position and achieve success. To learn more, get in touch with our team.


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