David Kosky, Co Founder of Work.Life

David Kosky, Co Founder of Work.Life

Accelerating Careers in Real Estate | Episode 91

This evening, I am joined by David Kosky, Co-Founder of Co-Working business Work.Life. Co-Founders David and Elliot started Work.Life in 2015 because they believe everyone should feel happy in their work lives. Now, Work.Life is made up of 15 coworking spaces with 19 projected by the end of the year, and over 6,000 members.

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During the conversation, David delivered key insight into several topics including:

1. Evolution of Coworking Spaces: He discussed how the concept of coworking spaces has evolved over the years, from being a tough market to a more institutionalized and accepted asset class. The sector has seen significant growth and investment from big landlords and institutional money.

2. Trusting Instincts: David emphasised the importance of trusting one’s instincts, especially when faced with scepticism from others. Despite warnings and doubts from experienced individuals in the real estate industry, he and his co-founder, Elliot, trusted their instincts and pursued their vision.

3. Complimentary Skill Sets: David highlighted the importance of having a co-founder with complementary skills. His focus was more on business development and growth, while Elliot excelled in detail orientation, team-building, and management.

4. Challenges in Running a Business: David acknowledged the challenges of running one’s own business, from starting small and doing everything themselves to scaling up and building a team. He mentioned that persistence, positivity, and creative problem-solving are crucial in navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

5. WeWork’s Impact on the Industry: David recognized WeWork’s significant impact on pushing the coworking industry forward but also highlighted the challenges WeWork faced due to rapid expansion and shaky real estate foundations. Despite WeWork’s issues, David expressed confidence in the long-term trajectory of the coworking sector beyond WeWork’s influence.

6. Dealing with Setbacks: When asked about recovering from setbacks, David emphasized the importance of not taking setbacks personally, compartmentalizing work from personal life, and focusing on problem-solving and learning from mistakes.

7. Encouragement for Entrepreneurs: David encouraged individuals interested in entrepreneurship, particularly in the real estate sector, highlighting the opportunities for innovation and disruption in this market.


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