Accelerating Careers in Real Estate | Episode 80

So welcome back to another episode of the ACRE podcast, I am your host Nick Carman but I am joined by not one but 6 guests today for something a little different. It is our 80th Episode!

I’ve worked hard so far on trying to make the most of the platform you the listeners have given me, I’ve tried to think who and what you want to listen to and how I can share the stories of many of the leaders of the development and investment worlds. BUT inevitably there is a limit to how far I can go on my own – so I asked for some help and these guys answered my cry.

I want to introduce you to the founding members of the early careers advisory council for the podcast. These guys will be my north star for the pod and hold me accountable to our pillars to broaden the podcast’s reach and be more inspirational and educational.

So welcome:

Hebe Mottershead-Davies

Peter Joaki

Lawrence Owho

Rebecca Ogunmodede

Catalina Chivite Iturrioz

Oliver Hardwick

If you want to be more involved, or as we discussed ask questions to our future guests please send in your voice notes using whatsapp to 07863-155-400.

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