Jan Trbizan, Design and Technical Director, Northacre

Jan Trbizan

Accelerating Careers in Real Estate | Episode 12

In this episode I sit down with Jan Trbizan, Design and Technical Director for the luxury development company Northacre.

Jan is a Slovene architect who joined the London architectural scene in 2010 establishing himself at Squires before joining Northacre as a technical manager and being recognised as a rising talent and quickly promoted to lead the design department.

Jan speaks very candidly and openly about his early obstacles in securing his first role in London, how he set himself apart and how he continues to hone his skills in what is developing to be a leading light in the design of some of London’s most aspirational homes. Jan’s appetite for testing himself, for speaking his mind and his incredible work ethic may have gotten him in some occasional hot water but ultimately they got him noticed and these traits continue to set him apart.

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