Patrick Flaton, Managing Partner Avignon Capital

Patrick Flaton

Accelerating Careers in Real Estate | Episode 86

This evening, I am joined by Patrick Flaton Managing Partner for Avignon Capital, a real estate investment and asset management firm creating and driving opportunities in the European real estate market.

In the world of real estate, Patrick Flaton, Managing Partner of Avignon Capital, shares invaluable wisdom gleaned from his journey. His top 5 takeaways offer a roadmap to success:

1. Early Passion: Early exposure to the industry can ignite a lifelong passion. Flaton’s roots in his father’s building company shaped his career from the start.

2. Networking Power: Networking and mentorship are non-negotiable. Building relationships and finding mentors can be your secret weapon.

3. Tech Revolution: Embrace PropTech and data analytics. Stay ahead by leveraging technology and data for informed decisions.

4. Market Savvy: Understand market cycles. Knowing when to act is key in real estate investment.

5. Lifelong Learning: Adaptation is crucial. Always seek new knowledge, be open to change, and surround yourself with the right team.

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