Paul Clark, Head of European Property, AustralianSuper

Paul Clark

Accelerating Careers in Real Estate | Episode 89

This evening, I am joined by Paul Clark, Head of European Property for AustralianSuper. AustralianSuper manages £125bn of assets under management, and has made prolific investments in the UK development including Related Argent’s Kings Cross and British Land’s Canada Water. Prior to joining AustralianSuper Paul was the Chief Investment Officer for The Crown Estate and held the reins for the 8.5bn portfolio of the Church Commissioners.

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These takeaways reflect the key themes and insights shared by Paul Clark in the podcast, offering valuable lessons for leadership and success in the real estate sector and beyond:

  1. Purpose and Values-Driven Leadership: Paul emphasises the importance of working in organisations that have a clear sense of purpose and are values-led. It’s essential to align your personal values with the values of the organization you work for.
  2. Team Management: Leadership involves being authentic, showing interest in people, and building trust. Maintain transparency, accountability, and encourage an open and honest environment within your team.
  3. Business Focus: When leading a team or organisation, it’s crucial to maintain clarity in your strategy and purpose. This helps in decision-making, goal setting, and creating a cohesive vision for the team.
  4. Focus on Excellence: In real estate and business in general, focus on doing a few things exceptionally well. Specialisation and in-depth expertise in specific sectors or geographies can provide a competitive advantage.
  5. Cultural Alignment: When engaging in joint ventures or partnerships, cultural alignment between organisations is a critical factor for success. Ensuring that both parties have a similar long-term perspective and values can lead to productive collaborations.
  6. Consistency and Honesty: Leaders should be consistent in their messaging and actions. Honesty and clarity are essential, and it’s crucial to say what you genuinely believe while being respectful in communication.
  7. Adaptation and Continual Learning: Throughout Paul’s career, he highlighted the importance of adaptation and learning. When taking on new roles or challenges, be open to learning and evolving to meet new demands and environments.

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