Evaluating Expertise: Asset Management Proficiency For Hiring

Employers Resource

Jul 2024


Explore competency strategies for hiring top Asset Managers. We share our knowledge on how to identify these individuals to improve performance for investors, funds, developers and property companies.

Finding candidates who excel, both technically and for business compatibility can be challenging.

In a candidate-driven market, it’s essential for hiring managers to effectively sell their opportunity to attract top talent over their competitors.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re providing a range of strategies for hiring Asset Managers, avoiding common pittfalls that can occur throughout the hiring process. As an experienced Asset Management recruiter, we explore how to assess competencies for the distinct roles and responsibilities Asset Managers fufill within different types of real estate organisations.

We also delve into proficiency testing, hiring advice and weighing the benefits of partnering with a professional recruitment agency for your next search.


In this report:

  • The varying role of Asset Managers and their daily responsibilities
  • Professional background and qualifications required by employers
  • Techniques for evaluating candidates’ strategic and technical skills
  • The importance of staying updated on trends such as ESG and its impact on Asset Management
  • Benefits of partnering with a professional Asset Management recruiter
  • Case studies and real-world examples
  • Key takeaways and insights to optimise your hiring process