Levers Beyond Salary: Development Team Employment Package Insights

Employers Resource

Jun 2024


Explore the different ways to design attractive employment packages for real estate development teams, even when financial incentives are not feasible.

As a real estate development recruiter, we’re helping companies craft remuneration packages that attract and retain employees by showing the value of non-monetary benefits such as flexible working, career progression, and work-life balance.

Leveraging insights from our latest salary research report which comprises over 15,000 global salaries and sentiments in the real estate market, we’re highlighting alternative strategies amid budgetary constraints.

For the purpose of this resource, we focus on Development Management, Asset Management, and Project Management roles in UK development companies.

In this report

  • Insights into what employees are looking for in their remuneration package
  • Data regarding the feeling of being undervalued and the reasons why
  • Statistics representing the likelihood of professionals moving jobs
  • Key insights for development leaders and hiring managers
  • Factors most valued in current role
  • How to maximise levers outside of salary
  • Case study exploration from Castleforge
  • How we help as a real estate development recruiter
  • Key takeaways and action points

We work closely with our benefits broker to offer an employee portal that visually represents the full financial package, including salary, bonus, and benefits. Since all benefits are fully funded by the employer, not showcasing items like life assurance, private medical insurance, and cash plans would obscure approximately 8% of an individual’s package.

Lauren Brownlow
Head of People at Castleforge